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Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast

Feb 26, 2015

Welcome everyone to The Big Fat Universal Quiz of the Year.

We tackle the news at Universal Orlando Resort for 2014, but in a quiz style show.

Team UUOP (Darren and Hunter) take on Team Listener (Chris and Chris).

Can you answer them all?

the two pictures for the picture questions are :


 photo Gavin-DeGraw_zps0heg4tuz.jpg

 photo Picture_zpsqqkthtc2.jpg

Check out all we have...

Feb 19, 2015

On this episode we begin every episode, with a ButterBeer preference from Mugglenet's Eric Scull.

We then go over to Gregory as he reports about the recent A Celebration of Harry Potter.

On to the news in which we discuss Mardi Gras, I-4 improvements, Shutterbuttons and more.

We then head over to Universal Studios...

Feb 12, 2015

On this episode we tackel with an idea Hunter recently came up with, his premise was to take a current attraction and retheme it to something different.

So, join us as all four of us bring you our reimagined Universal Orlando attractions.

Check out all we have to offer.

Feb 5, 2015

On this episode we begin with another Listener Butterbeer Preference from Listener Travis Terrell.

Then we delve in the news, which includes Mardi gras, Harbor Nights Romantico and Bleus Brother leaving Universal Studios Hollywood.

We then let you know which attraction won from our lat Disney V Universal : Men In Black...